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An Ultra-Low-Cost Airline for Canadians

Be a Part of the Changing Skies

You’re a Canadian. So we don’t have to explain how frustrating air travel has been over the last two decades in our Country. You hear about it in the press nearly every day. But it’s more than just a news story - you have experienced the problems, first hand. You’ve longed to visit relatives back home,  imagined spectacular places in Canada that you’ve never seen, or when you’ve hoped to interview for a job in another province, you’ve felt the pain. Even if all you wanted was a simple weekend getaway, your plans dissolved into thin air when you checked out how inflexible and expensive it is to take a flight in Canada. The only answer? Wait for a seat sale. Available on some days but don’t blink at the wrong time, you might miss them. And they’re usually going to places you aren’t and at times you can’t. Canadians deserve cheap airline tickets EVERY day! Oh, the places we would go, if only we could get cheap airline tickets in Canada, the way we want them, and when we need them.
Can someone please fix this? Maybe that someone is YOU? We’re Canada’s newest airline brand and we’re looking for enthusiastic, hard-working people like you. Will you make the choice to help us provide more choice to Canadians?

A Great Airline Starts with Great Leadership

We have assembled a world-class leadership team to make our new airline brand a long-lasting success. Smart, respected business people and aviation leaders from Canada and the USA have our backs. Our international partners provide us with impressive financial strength and plenty of airline know-how. Our partners have a world-class reputation for creating several super-successful airlines in the USA, Europe, Latin America and Asia. Combining the financial strength of our talented international partners with the skills and energy of Canadians like you, we can bring the best practices of the aviation industry to Canada.  You can read more about our partners here.

To The Skies!

Starting very soon, we’ll be flying to locations all over Canada, and between Canada and the USA. A great airline needs great people and we’ll be hiring in all areas of airline operations, such as:
·        Airport and Ground Operations
·        Cabin Crew (flight attendants)
·        Customer Service
·        Flight Deck Crew (pilots)
·        Finance and Accounting
·        Flight Operations
·        Information Technology
·        Marketing and Sales
·        Technical Operations
Our head office is currently in Calgary, but we’re going to be a national airline. Although our first few hires will be in Alberta, it won’t be long until we are hiring in all parts of Canada. We expect Ontario and British Columbia to be among the first provinces where we’ll be expanding our recruiting activity with more to follow.  Compensation at our airline is determined by a combination of factors including skillset and experience. While we aim to be the lowest cost airline in Canada, that doesn’t mean it will be on the backs of our employees. We believe that smart, enthusiastic people who work hard, deserve to be fairly compensated for their efforts. In addition to their competitive salary, employees at our airline will be entitled to paid vacations (of course!) and will be eligible for our employee health benefits program.

The Best Little Airline You’ve Never Heard Of

Interested in joining us? Great!  Then you probably have some important questions about the opportunity. Is it really worth your consideration? Is a “startup” airline job a good career choice? Well, let us share our story with you. We’re actually NOT a startup airline. Way back in 2008, Enerjet worked directly with big companies to fly their people on private charter flights. We started out flying workers between the oil sands projects and their home cities across Canada. However, it wasn’t long before the world faced the Great Recession. The price of oil dropped and the energy industry was hit hard. Companies like Enerjet that worked for the energy industry struggled to stay in business. But stay in business we did. It wasn’t long before we were doing new things, and flying to new places. We learned that, just like the rest of us, oil sands workers like to travel to and from their jobs on weekdays, but like to see other things and go to other places on the weekends. Vacationers like to travel on weekends! Why not fly our planes on weekends to fun sunspots, places like Mexico and the Caribbean on the weekends? As we liked to say, “We fly work boots on Mondays and flip-flops on Saturdays”. We worked for Canadian-based, all-inclusive tour companies who sold the tickets while we did their flying. Just like in the energy industry, we weren’t selling the tickets to the public so our Enerjet brand was working mostly behind the scenes. We’ve also done flying for major European airlines during their busy seasons, also under their brands. Over our many years of safe, on-time and reliable flight operations, we’ve flown thousands of flights and carried tens of thousands of passengers to many parts of the world. Yet few people know us. But enough of that. Get ready Canada for a new look, and a very public brand for our airline.

A New Airline Brand for Canada

Since 2016, we’ve put all our brain power into becoming an ultra-low-cost scheduled airline serving all regions of Canada. While it’s far simpler and less risky than starting a new airline, it is a challenge. So we started working with Canada’s airline industry regulators to find ways to ensure the transition would be smooth, successful and enduring. After two years of collaboration with regulators and significant work on our plan, we announced in December of 2018 that we are ready to get started.
As part of our plan, we teamed up with some of the smartest people in the global airline industry who specialize in ultra-low-cost airlines - offering customers a choice of how to fly. These smart people have been involved in helping many airlines from other countries make the transition into some of the most successful ultra-low-cost airlines in the world today. Combining Enerjet’s legacy of safe and reliable operations with the know-how and purchasing power of our new global partners, we are confident that we will be a leading Canadian airline. Our new partners have bucked up to ensure we have the very best resources and the newest, greenest aircraft to get the job done right. And we’ll be working right here in Canada.
We will soon be offering Canadian travelers a new choice. We’ll be flying brand new aircraft, sporting a new look and carrying a new brand name into the Canadian skies. We will say a fond farewell to our Enerjet name in 2019, and look forward to new horizons and everyday cheap, air travel and greater choice for Canadian travelers. Watch for the announcement of our new brand, coming soon. You can sign up for notifications and travel deals here.
Be The Wind Beneath Our Wings

We believe that rolling out a national, ultra-low-cost airline service to Canadians is a pretty exciting and challenging thing to do. We hope you think so, too.  We believe that ALL Canadians, not just the big wigs and high flying business travelers, should have the opportunity to visit other parts of our great country too. We believe in creating greater choice for Canadian travelers. We also believe that being treated like a friend and neighbor should be an experience in every seat on every flight, not just in the privileged class at the front. If you share our vision for fair, friendly, and frequent flights in Canada, we invite you to get on board with us as we prepare to take off.  Be an early contributor to the new choice in ultra-low-cost air travel for Canadians.
Watch this page for current job postings.  If you don’t see a job that suits you, please check back often. Or register here to receive notifications when we add more job postings. Thanks for reading, we’re looking forward to hearing from you!

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